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You will hear a voice behind you saying...

I love riding bikes with my kids often during the week.

My daughter, who is nine, is pretty independent and knows just to keep me in her eyesight.

My son, who is six, on the other hand is still getting used to having no training wheels. He doesn’t know yet how to stop confidently, so I have to be one foot behind him, coaching him the whole way.

I am constantly talking to him and having him practice listening to my voice for directions. “Take that turn here.” Or “Stop at the stop sign.”

As I was riding with him, I heard the Holy Spirit remind me so vividly of how a shepherd leads his sheep with his voice.

This scripture from my childhood came up in my spirit from Isaiah 30:21 “You will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way. Follow it, whether it turns to the right or to the left.”

Within a minute of the verse coming up, I was immediately reminded on how the Lord guides us with each and every step we take. He doesn’t give us the entire big picture- but every turn right as it happens.

We need to have such a close relationship with our Heavenly Father that we can recognize his voice turn-by-turn.

How do we learn to listen? We need to discipline our selves to meet with the Lord every day and open our hearts to what he wants to say to us.

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