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What should we do during this storm?

What should we do now?

As a church of God and his believers this is the number one thing that is on peoples minds and hearts during this time of crisis in our world.

What should we do now? What are our next steps? How do we protect our family? What are we gonna do about our business or bills?

Let’s see an example of Jesus and his disciples on time of crisis.

lets go to Mark 14. The beautiful story of Jesus sleeping during the storm.

The Bible says that the storm came “all of a sudden.” Just like in our lives, storms never send us a text message to let us know that they’re coming. They just show up unannounced and interrupt our lives.

The disciples feel with panic thinking that they’re going to die and their boat is going to be ripped apart.

Then they see Jesus who is asleep in the back of the boat.

This is the only time in scripture that Jesus is mentioned as asleep. Therefore it is significant why he fell asleep during this time.

At first, we think that Jesus is apathetic toward their situation, that he doesn’t care got his people.

But with his example of resting in the mist of the storm, he is actually teaching a greater lesson.

You see in the beginning of the chapter before the storm even happens, Jesus tells his disciples: “Let’s go to the other side”

If the disciples would’ve just remembered what Jesus had said to them in the beginning, his promise of getting them through to the other side. If they would’ve just trusted in Jesus’s plan, they would not have been angry at seeing Jesus fast asleep in the boat.

They would’ve remembered his promise and trusted him to get them through.

They should have stop trying to save themselves and make everything happen and just rested with Jesus.

You see Jesus was giving us an example of what to do in the mist and the storms of life.

We shouldn’t panic, we shouldn’t be afraid, but we should trust and rest in the promises of God.

And that’s what Jesus is telling us to do during this time. He’s telling us to rest and him and hold onto his promise and not fear.

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