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What Do You Do ON PURPOSE - FOR GOD?Paula B Golladay

Hello Readers - the title of this blog is rather intriguing or intimidating to say

the very least. Your answer might be, I do everything for God. Or is there a

little voice in the back of your mind asking you...everything? Let me assure

you that voice is screaming at times in the back of my mind. Let’s unpack

why we as sister’s and brother’s in Christ have this nagging voice creep

into our thoughts.

That voice is Satan attempting to pull you away from Jesus, he is the

enemy of lies, his one purpose to exist is to rob, kill, and steal your heart

and soul.

Oh, true Satan will promise you all of the grandeur in this “world”.

Yet the one promise he cannot, and never will be able to, is promise of

entering heaven, sitting at the throne of God and dancing with joy. Satan

was once welcomed at the throne of God, he was loved by the Father, he

played and danced as if there was no ending to the joy of heaven.

Then Satan slowly began to ponder, “what if” and those two little words took him
further and further away from the throne until Father God no longer could
accept Satan’s ill begotten behavior.

Now that we have the truth set before us, Satan is a liar and a fear monger

let’s return to the question. What do you do on purpose for God? A rather

soul seeking question. Here are a few of my on purpose acts.

Seek Jesus - okay for some this is an every day event. For others they

feel lost and abandoned, perhaps even tossed about as they looked for

Jesus. Do not judge as we have all found ourselves in the lost and found

department while we continue to seek Jesus.

Stop - wait what? Yes stop, when you stop your heart begins to beat to

God’s rhythm not the rhythm of hectic busy lives.

Give - we are to give our first fruits to the Lord. True most believe that first

fruits are tied to our monetary tithe, this is a fact. Yet, what about your first

fruits of:

  1. Love for your fellow Christian sister and brother.

  2. Giving grace to all who you encounter, even the person lingering at the grocery checkout. Perhaps this is the only time the person can interact with another human.

  3. Perform random acts of God kindness, one becomes two, two becomes three, three causes the ripples of kindness to spread out into the world.

Pass the love of Jesus to all - when you do the power of Jesus begins to

cause world changing actions. Be part of the power!

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