They will know that we are HIS discples by our ______

They will know that we are HIS disciples by our _______________

Fill in the blank for yourself....

🖋by the way we yell or start arguments?

🖋by the way we belittle others and gossip?

🖋by the way we push down others to make ourselves look more important?

🖋by our grandiose sermons on Facebook?

🖋How we yell at another driver in the car all while having a “Jesus Saves” bumper sticker?

❌No to any of these!

They will know that we are HIS disciples how we LOVE

❤️Love means treating others the way you want to be treated

❤️love means letting our words give life and hope no matter what

❤️seeing a need and filling it with our gifts and talents- wanting nothing in return

❤️being quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger

❤️walking in love with everyone - everyone in the world is created in God’s image

Christ’s LOVE changes the world!

Pray that God will give you a loving heart and that you can walk in the shoes of a Jesus today- always humble and compassionate- helping up the broken and speaking life!

Read John 13:34 below and write notes and actions steps for this week

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