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Make Money Outside the Classroom: Tips for Teachers

It’s not unusual for teachers to moonlight to supplement their income and their days. If you’re thinking of taking on a side gig to make a bit of extra scratch from home, and there’s no reason to quit if you choose an online job with the type of flexibility you need to fit in with your full-time passion. Plus, it can be a fulfilling way to spread your wings into new interests and ideas.

So what kind of jobs are we talking about? Cindy Dennis Ministries offers the following suggestions:


You’re already good at this, and there’s never been as good a time as now to capitalize on this opportunity as the market is constantly growing with more and more students coming online to better their grades and brighten their futures. All you need to get started is a connection to the Internet, where you’ll find a variety of education companies and job boards just a Google search away.

Writing Coach

Even if you’re not an English teacher, this may still be up your alley as you know your way around a term paper from the college days. You’ll be setting your own rates as well as your own hours, so it can be lucrative if you gain a good reputation among your clientele. Speaking of that, target your audience if you want to make an effective sales pitch. They could be college students looking to write better papers or foreign researchers working on their theses. Get to know what they need and how you can help them.


You would be overseeing content on websites, and there are plenty of those devoted to education or whatever you teach during the school year. Chances are some of them need editors with a working knowledge of your subject’s terminology to make sure the text is clear and concise. This job doesn’t require any additional credentials other than your bachelor’s degree, according to career experts at The Balance, but you’ll need to have published something online before.


And this could be your route to becoming an online editor, or something you stick with for its own merits. So what are those? As First Site Guide says, it allows you to gain expertise on a topic while connecting with new people and writing about something you like. But you’re going to have to put in some work before the money starts rolling in. That includes refining your writing skills and marketing yourself online via search engine optimization.


Use your experience to add value to educational institutions across the country. It could be integrating technology into learning programs, sharing best practices in your subject area or reaching out to special-needs students. Much like being a blogger or editor, you’ll have to establish yourself as an expert in whatever you choose to do, and that requires some skills in marketing as well as research into your specialty of choice. Don’t forget writing. It takes practice to convey your ideas effectively.

Test Scorer

There are plenty of opportunities available scoring essays by students from elementary to high school as well as SATs and entry tests for a wide variety of organizations. With the experience that you gain, you can always go back to coaching students for the same test that you once graded for. A bit sneaky, but all’s fair in love and teaching.

Creating Your Business

As you prepare to launch your new business, it's time to select a business type and get it registered with your state. While every business owner has different priorities, an LLC is a common option. Reasons an LLC is often chosen as the legal business entity type include: protection for you; flexibility in running your business how you want to; and relative ease in setting it up. Depending on your state, the process typically involves just five steps. With those behind you, you can move forward with confidence!

Before you begin, remember that although you work from the comfort of your own home, this is a job so a little discipline will go a long way. Keep a proper routine in a home workspace free of distractions. And don’t be afraid to part with a little cash for a quality computer and accessories that won’t crash a minute before deadline. If you finish your work quickly, you can catch a few rays at the beach or relax with your friends and family.

Look to Cindy Dennis Ministries for more information and ideas to inspire your daily walk.

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