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“I go to prepare a M.A.S.H. For you”

Has anyone played the car trip game M.A.S.H.?

It’s always fun to see at the end of crossing out all the different categories, what your future will look like.

My daughter had so much fun with her cousins trying to see who is going to be a garbage truck, driver living in Beverly Hills, living in a mansion, and married to some fictional  cartoon character Prince.

The Bible talks about our future being beyond what we can ever ask or imagine.

There’s no way that 20 years ago I could’ve imagined where I am today.

That’s why if we continue to abide in Christ and put our hope in Him, we have the future taken care of.

The future is something that Christians should not even worry about.

I was doing research on stress recently, and I read an article about how millions of Americans are having diseases and illnesses due to stress based on their fear of war or the future.

For the Christian, we have Hope that Jesus will prepare a place for us, like a groom getting his honeymoon home ready and custom built for his bride.

So don’t lose sleep over the future, put it in the hands of the author and finisher of our faith.

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