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How can the story of Christmas relate to me in 2020?

The real story of Christmas is not your typical Hallmark card- all quiet, peaceful and perfect.

Jesus was born from a family line of prostitutes, liars, manipulators.

His engaged mother had him from another father- which left his family to probably abandon him and write them off.

Jesus was born in a feeding trough for animals in a stable because there was no room for them anywhere.

A king threatened his life as a small baby - causing the family to flee for their lives and live in a foreign land while one of the greatest genocides in history happened.

When they returned- they had to live in another town in poverty so no one could recognize them.

Jesus faced hardship during his entire life- even unto death. Constantly misunderstood, pushed to the side and looked down on. But still he rose to conquer it all!

That’s why the story of Christmas- even in 2020 can relate to us today. We’ve faced hardship, we’ve had to face poverty. We’ve faced being misunderstood.

But through it all- we’ve had the greatest story of hope to hold onto. Centuries might shift but the story of hope born into the world in the form of a baby will forever give us the strength we need to push past fear and dispair.

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