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From trash to treasure

I am always looking for good deal- so when I saw a vintage couch from the 50’s on OfferUp for $10 (yes, 10$) I raced out there to pick it up!

I met the lady with my husband and we walked inside her storage facility with row after row of garage like doors. The first thing I noticed when we opened the elevator was the smell.

Garages and sheds are usually not the most aromatic in general. Most garages have old clothes, musty sporting equipment, lawn tools, old Christmas decor, and moth ball covered sweaters and other ancient Knick-knacks.

But this storage unit’s smell was a punch to my already sensitive nose.

I got to the 10$ couch and we put it in our truck. I thought, after some light air freshener, we could get rid of the awful smell. I was so wrong. It took three days of intense febreeze, upholstery scrub, deep cleaner and just having it sit outside my house before it started smelling fresh.

This process taught me a spiritual lesson.

One cannot expect to live the new life that God has for them and have the aroma of Christ in their lives, without going through several rounds of deep cleaning and inner scrubbing from the Holy Spirit.

The couch that I picked up had been in that storage unit for years, marinating in the stench of all of the storage and baggage that were in the facility. I could not expect to get that couch smelling fresh after one light air freshener can. I had to do the work and go through the process of cleansing in order to get it smelling fresh and new.

2 Corinthians 2:14 talks about us being the aroma of Christ to everyone who is perishing in this dark world. And so I ask you, how are you being the aroma of Christ around you?

What are some ways that you can take some moments to have the Holy Spirit do deep cleaning in your own life to expose some areas that need to get purified?

Heavenly Father sees you as a treasure. But just like any thrift store find- it might take some TLC to restore you to your full potential. It takes the willingness to go through the purification process to finally reach your potential as a beautiful treasure- filled with the aroma of Christ to this perishing world.

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