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Feel drained and powerless? Read this.

The good and bad thing about having an old phone is obviously saving money -but unfortunately my battery only has about 30 to 45 minute radius.

I’m having a constantly be aware of power sources around me or bringing battery packs pretty much everywhere I go.

At the gym - look for the machines that have the cord - at the park I put my phone on, “do not disturb” and use a battery pack so I can save it for emergencies situations.

I begin to realize how dependent I was on a power source to even function on a daily life.

Then I realized what a great spiritual analogy for how we should live our lives. We should be connected to the Fathet not just weekly at church, but daily through prayer, and getting wisdom about normal-every-day occurrences.

This is how the believer bears fruit in season and has roots that can handle any storm.

So, if you’re feeling drained, powerless, we were never meant to hold an entire emotional and mental battery charge for a whole week. So however, you need to get plugged in and reset, make the discipline to do that today and every day.

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