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Kindness is taught

Kindness is taught over time.

It’s the late-night conversations. It’s the snuggles before bed.

It’s the sacrifice, the sweat, the tears, that goes into raising the next generation.

It’s the thousands of hours of working, helping the community, getting out of your comfort zone, serving others, relinquishing your comforts for others.

It’s the scar from falling and getting up. It’s the forgiveness when no one deserves. It’s the breath before getting angry.

It’s the little things- the holding of the door- the putting other’s first- the paying for coffee.

It’s the silence in grief- the hug of comfort- the food for the hungry.

It’s the living, breathing and pushing though the road is long and the days are short.

So teach kindness with your hands, your words and your life- plant a tree, pick up the trash, help someone- smile often, forgive frequently and make the world more beautiful Every. Single. Day.

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