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A season Called Change

The word “change” can be exciting and frightening at the same time. Depending upon the why, it has

come to the surface. In life, there are milestones we must reach and at each one, there is an expected

growth. From the time you were born, God uniquely created you for a specific purpose.

He prepared a

path that only you are designed to walk. On your path, there are lessons to learn, things to endure, and

celebrations to experience. As you grow and mature, change will eventually call to you, to place you in

the right position for your next. We must be aware of it and take action. It can be uncomfortable, let me

be honest it will be uncomfortable at some points in the process. But tell me of anyone or anything that

has gone through change without some type of challenge. Let me share with you a personal story about

a season of change I endured.

The year was 2013 was a really low time for me. I experienced depression at a level I never have before.

Feeling unworthiness filled my mind till it made me lose my appetite, loss of interests in things, and

wanting to isolate from others. Even though there were no actual plans or attempts of suicide it was

trying to lead me to that point. I had silent anxiety and panic attacks. Thinking I know this is not the life

of how a child of God should live.

One day I was at work at my desk, and I felt so heavy, like something

was over me breathing and salivating to make me give up and walk out of my job. But I was listening to

Joyce Meyer, I don’t remember what all she was saying, but it had to do with the battlefield of the mind.

It brought me peace and corrected me to stop thinking about the things I don’t have and where I was in

my life. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

As I listened to her teach, my spirit got calm, and I was able to

feel the heaviness lift off. What I learned, is that God is looking at your response when you are

disappointed in life. Get your mind off you and help someone. Quit rehearsing the past. I begin to pray,

encourage myself, and read God’s word. You must intentionally spend time with God. Only you and God

can deliver you from whatever issue in life you are facing. Now others can help and encourage but you

must make up your mind and surrender it all to God to be healed and delivered.

I had to lean on God and begin to thank him for all he has already done in my life. The cares of this world

can begin to weigh on us and make us feel inadequate especially when you see others who are not even

believers of Jesus living better, so we think. As your season of change begin to contract, remember God

is right there with you, this development must take place. So that His purpose of creating you shall be

fulfilled for His Glory and for the world to witness His sovereignty and Love! Go Ahead, WITH YOUR


Vanessa Green

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